Top Replies to a Tweet by Nancy Pelosi Congratulating Joy Harjo, the First Native American U.S. Poet Laureate (a found poem)


Televise hearings!! Enforce subpoenas!! Start impeachment investigations!!

Please impeach Trump


Bla bla bla Start impeachment hearings now

All I want to hear from you is impeachment inquiry Don’t act as if things are normal

Congratulations to Joy Harjo. Still, impeach!

Congratulations well deserved. Now about those impeachment hearings.

When are you going to do something about 45? I’m beginning to think you may be in cahoots with him.

Impeach and 2 jail CLIMATE control 2



Great but this is not your constitutional duty

Congratulations, beautiful

You’re about as competent as Paul Ryan. Impeach!

Impeach potus (repeated 19 times)

This is great news! We need Native representation across all of our institutions. We also need impeachment, like today!

I am very happy and lucky to have lived long enough to see a 100% of non-migrant descendance American get such recognition. Well earned!

She’s a wonderful poet and a wonderful choice!

Which language she composes poetry in?

May her talents come to our talents as an art of beauty!

I thought it was Elisabeth Warren.

Acknowledgment of indigenous people finally after genocide of millions indigenous peoples by European immigrants

Nancy I grow up with native Americans Indians friend

Poetry, yes! I love it. But, what about TCB* when it comes to what does matter in real life?

* TCB is an acronym, in this case presumably standing for “taking care of business”

Author comment: I wrote this poem (or more accurately, assembled it) in response to comments on a tweet June 20th by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House congratulating Joy Harjo on being selected as new poet laureate of the United States.

People say don’t read the comments. But I did, and I was appalled but also convinced that they represent a cross section of America speaking for itself. Every line of this poem is a real comment, randomly selected from the top replies and unedited for syntax, spelling or punctuation. The poem ends with a comment by a Twitter user with 8 followers that I felt sums up the antithesis of my opinion that poetry does matter in real life, more than a lot of things.

And, if I need to even say it myself, yes, congratulations to Joy Harjo! I believe she is a wonderful choice for the next poet laureate of the U.S.

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