Saturday morning in Espoo.
Puddles in the gravel driveway
My wife has driven away in the rain
with our first daughter to
gather mushrooms in the forest.

These days, I barely recall my American routines
Five years abroad, I am practically European.
Our second daughter naps. I prepare for
my brother-in-law’s birthday party.
Voilepäkakku, coffee early on, and

later, for some, drinking in the city.
The stillness of this house in rain
is something I have come to love.
Rubber boots and coats by the door, through
which my wife and daughter will soon return.


  1. I enjoyed this poem. I like your style. Not like the poetry in a Age of Wordsworth class I took decades ago.
    I also really liked the poem relating how you met your wife. I’ve been to Finland several times to visit relatives and on a scholarship to learn Finnish culture and economic policy.
    My wife and I knew your parents somewhat in Monmouth in the 70s. Your mom and Cindy W and my wife got involved with some women’s group back then. Long time ago.

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