Regressive Nostalgia and the Music of the 1970s

“People say the older you get, the further into your past go digging for cherished memories and feelings. It’s a healthy thing, a sign you are processing your past.”

On this week’s Substack, I write about “Regressive Nostalgia and the Music of the 1970s”

“There’s nothing like the feeling of the familiar joined with the unfamiliar.”

How Floor Plans Can Trigger Memories – Part 2

“To my surprise, since I published part one of this floor plan essay, it became the most popular essay I’ve shared so far on Substack. I received comments, feedback, and corrections from family and friends who also know a few things about Monmouth or about that house itself.

It’s been awesome to feel so engaged, especially since I was initially hesitant to push the publish button, wondering why anyone would care…

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